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Fireworks Restricted Areas

The following list of fireworks restrictions is not comprehensive and is updated as information is received from various agencies.  If your municipality or town is not listed below, check with your local fire authority to see if the use of fireworks is allowed in your area.

If your municipality is listed as outdated information, please contact that jurisdiction directly for up to date restrictions.

The Unified Fire Authority has also compiled an interactive map showing the restricted areas in Salt Lake county.

Utah State Forester Statewide Restrictions

BLM Lands, U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service Restrictions

Alpine – Alpine City Website and 2021 Firework Restrictions

American Fork –  2021 Fireworks Restrictions and  2021 Map

Apple Valley – No fireworks allowed in city limits.

Blanding – 2020 No firework restrictions inside the city limits.

Bluffdale –  2021 Fireworks Resolution

Bountiful –  2021 Firework Restrictions Map

Box Elder – 2017 State Fire Restriction Order Box Elder County

Brian Head -2021 Info

Brigham City  – Fireworks Restrictions and 2021 Fireworks Map and 2021 Boundary Description for Fireworks

Bryce Canyon City –  2021 Fire Restriction Order

Cache County – 2021 Firework Restrictions and Map

Cedar Hills – Fireworks Restrictions

Cedar Mountain Fire Pro. Dist. – 2020 FFSL Beaver Kane Garfield Iron County Restrictions and 2020 Color Country Fire Restrictions – Map and 2020 Interagency News Release

Cedar Valley – 2020 Fireworks Restrictions

Centerfield – As of June 30 2020 Centerfield does not have any restrictions on fireworks above what the state of Utah policy and guidelines are.

Centerville –  2021 Firework Restrictions Map

Charlston – 2020 Fireworks Restrictions (Any area not labeled as designated is prohibited.)

Clinton – 2021 No fireworks restrictions.

Coalville – 2021 Fire Restrictions

Cottonwood Heights – Fireworks Information and Map

Crescent Junction – No fireworks allowed.  This is unincorporated private, State or BLM lands.

Daggett County Fire & Fireworks – Resolution

Diamond Valley – All Fireworks Banned.

Draper – 2021 Fireworks Restricted Area Map  and  Fireworks Restrictions and Ordinance 

Eagle Mountain – Resolution

Elk Ridge – For 2021 fireworks are banned for the entire city due to the red flag warnings and extremely dry conditions.

Emery County – 2018 Firework Plan

Enoch – Ordinance

Enterprise – 2020 No fireworks restrictions inside city limits.

Farmington – Fireworks Restriction Line 2021  and  Firework Ordinance / Safety Tri-Fold 2021

Fayette – As of June 30 2020 Fayette does not have any restrictions on fireworks above what the state of Utah policy and guidelines are.

Fruit Heights – 2021 Firework Restrictions Map

Genola – 2020 No fireworks restrictions.

Grand County – 2020 Fire Restriction Order  and  2020 Intra-agency Restriction Press Release

Gunnison – As of June 30 2020 Gunnison does not have any restrictions on fireworks above what the state of Utah policy and guidelines are.

Heber – Daniel –  2021 Resolution to adopt City Fire Restrictions and 2021 Website information on Fireworks Restrictions

Henefer – The Council has banned all fireworks, and open fires within city limits. A resolution was passed on June 28, for as long as the fire danger is high.

Hideout Town – 2021 Fire Restrictions Ordinance

Highland –  Restrictions June 2019  and Highland 2020 Firework Restrictions Map and City Website Fireworks Information

Holladay – Ordinance

Interlaken Town – 2021 Fireworks Ordinance and  2021 Title 11 Land Use

Iron County – Fireworks Restrictions 2019 and Fireworks Restrictions Map

Ivins –  2021 Fireworks Restrictions and 2021 Firework Zone Map

Junction – Junction 2020 Fireworks Restrictions

Kanab – 2021 Fireworks Ordinance and 2021 Fireworks Exclusion Map or 2021 Detailed Fireworks Exclusion Map

Layton –  Layton City Firework Restrictions  and  Layton City Interactive Map  or   Basic Map  and  Sky Lantern Prohibition.

Lehi – Fireworks are prohibited north of State Route 92 and along the Dry Creek corridor from 1200 East to Center Street. 

Lindon – 2018 Restrictions 2014-4-R and 2018 Map – City Wide and 2018 Map – Foothills

Lyndyl  – 2020 No fireworks restrictions.

Mapleton – Firework Zones Map

Mayfield – As of June 30 2020 Mayfield does not have any restrictions on fireworks above what the state of Utah policy and guidelines are.

Midway – 2021 Ordinance (Fire Restrictions)

Moab  –2021 Restrictions

Mona – 2020 following State guidelines.

Monticello  –   2021 All fireworks are banned in the city limits.

Morgan City – 2021 Fire Restrictions

Morgan County –  2021 Fire Restrictions

Mountain Green FD – 2021 Fire Restrictions

Murray –  2021 Map

Myton – Resolution

North Salt Lake –  2021 Firework Restrictions Map

North View – See Weber Fire District

Ogden –  Restrictions 2021 and Fire Restrictions Map 2021

Orem – 2021 map and info

Park City – 2021 information and current restrictions

Payson – 2021 Fire Restrictions and 2021 Fireworks Restricted Areas Overall Map or 2021 Fireworks Restricted Areas – West Side  or  2021 Fireworks Restricted Areas East Side

Pleasant Grove – Resolution

Plymouth – 2020 All Fireworks Banned. City Ordinance

Provo – 2021 Fireworks Restriction Zone – In addition to these restrictions, fireworks are not allowed anywhere on the BYU Campus.

Rich County – Rich County and ALL of the incorporated towns within Rich county have passed a complete & TOTAL fire & fireworks prohibited resolution. We ask for support in prohibiting fires & fireworks on state lands within Rich County until further notice.   2017 State Fire Restriction Order Rich County

Richfield – 2020 no fireworks restrictions.

Riverdale –  2021 website for fireworks information – Link

Riverton – 2021 Fire restrictions info:

Roy –  Fireworks Restrictions Map 2021 and Fireworks Restrictions Ordinance 2021

Salem – Ordinance

Salina – Ordinance

Salt Lake City  –  2021 Fire Restrictions and Map

Sandy – 2021 Fireworks information  and  Interactive map

San Juan County – 2020 Fire Restriction Order  and  2020 Intra-agency Restriction Press Release

Santa Clara – 2020 Fireworks Restrictions Map

Santaquin – Ordinance and Restrictions Map for 2018

Saratoga Springs – Link to 2021 fireworks information and map  and  2021 Fireworks Restrictions  and  Map

Scipio – 2020 Fireworks are Prohibited

South Jordan – 2021 Resolution and Restriction Map Zones

South Salt Lake – See website for 2021 restrictions – Link

South Ogden –  2021 Restrictions 

South Weber – 2021 note on all restrictions

Spanish Fork – 2021 map and restrictions

Springville – Restrictions and Fireworks Restrictions Map 07-23-20

St. George – 2021 Firework Restrictions Map and Interactive Map and 2021 Firework Ordinance and Fireworks Information

Stockon – 2021 Fire Restrictions and  2021 Firework Ban

Taylorsville – Ordinance

Thompson Springs – No fireworks allowed.  This is unincorporated private, State, or BLM lands.

Tooele County – 2021 Fireworks Restrictions and 2021 Interactive Map

Tremonton – 2021 Fire Restrictions Ordinance and Map

Tropic –  2021 Fire Restrictions

Unified Fire Authority – Fireworks Information and Restrictions  and Interactive Map and  Map

Uintah City  –  2020 Fireworks Restrictions Map  and  2020 Fire Restriction Order

Vernal – Ordinance

Wallsburg – 2021 FIRE RESOLUTION

Wasatch County Fire District – 2021 Resolution Fire Restrictions w Exhibits  and  2021 Full Fire Restrictions

Washington City – 2021 Fireworks Restrictions Interactive Map  and 2021 Map

Washington County – Washington County Fireworks Restrictions and Maps

Washington Terrace – Restriction Zone

Weber Fire District – Fireworks Restrictions as of July 2020 and  Fire Restriction Order as of July 2020

Wellington –  2021 Banning all aerial fireworks.

West Bountiful – 2021 no firework restriction zones.

West Jordan – 2021 Map and info

West Valley – Fireworks Restrictions and Map

Woodland Hills – 2021 No Fireworks Allowed.

Woods Cross – 2021 no firework restriction zones.