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No person or concern shall engage in the servicing of portable fire extinguishers without a license issued by the State Fire Marshal.


  • Application for a license by a business to service portable fire extinguishers shall be made in writing on forms provided by the State Fire Marshal (SFM).  The application shall be signed by the applicant, all partners if a partnership or the principal officer if the business is a corporation or association.
  • Application shall be accompanied by proof of public liability insurance showing coverage of at least $100,000 for each incident and $300,000 in total coverage.
  • Applicant shall be licensed to perform all activities with Type 3 and Type 4 extinguishers.
  • Applicant shall allow the SFM or authorized deputies to conduct an inspection of the premises and vehicle(s) used to service portable fire extinguishers to determine compliance with the rules.

Following the fulfillment of these four requirements, a license shall be issued.  The license shall be valid for one year and shall be renewed annually.


No person shall service any portable fire extinguisher without a certificate of registration that expressly authorizes such person to perform such acts.

  • The application shall be made in writing on forms provided by the SFM and shall be signed by the applicant.
  • The applicant shall pass a written examination with a minimum passing score of 70% which may be supplemented by practical tests.  The written test is an open book examination based on statute, administrative rule R710-1, and the NFPA 10 standard (2018 edition).

Following the receipt of the application, successful completion of the examination, and compliance with the provisions of these rules, a certificate of registration shall be issued.  The certificate shall be valid for one year and shall be renewed annually.  Every five years, the certificate holder shall take and pass a re-examination.

For additional information on the Fire Extinguisher Program, refer to the “Laws & Rules” section of this website under R710-1 and/or contact Russ Sneddon at 385-434-9609 or

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