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Licensing and Certification

The Office of the State Fire Marshal offers company licenses and operator licenses and certifications. Information on company or operator certifications can be found on the specific tabs above.


To be qualified to take the test, complete the following steps:

  1. Be associated with a licensed company
  2. Call to schedule your test (expect a 2-3 week wait)
  3. Obtain a copy of your background check and bring it with you at the time of testing
    •  You can obtain your background check (BCI) through the Utah Criminal Identification website, here (see Application for Criminal History)
    • BCIs can take up to 10 days, please plan accordingly
    • Important note: If you have lived outside of Utah within 5 years of your license application, please bring a background check from that state in addition to your Utah BCI.
    • Bring your BCI to your testing appointment. 
    • Applicants without BCIs will not be able to test or be licensed.

For more information and to schedule your test, call our main office at 801-256-2390.

The following licenses require a background check (BCI):

Portable Fire Extinguisher, Fire Suppression Systems, or Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning: Russ Sneddon,

Fire Alarm Systems: Jana DeMille,

Fire Sprinkler Systems:  Kelly Snow,

The following licenses do not require background check information:

Liquid Petroleum Gas: Boyd Cook,;  Justin Cheever,

Fireworks-related and Flame Effects (including performer) certifications:
Nia Kekauoha,

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