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Youth Firesetter Prevention Program & Resources

For Families

If a child you care about has played with matches, lighters, fireworks, candles, has set a fire, or has shown a curiosity of fire that worries you, please contact your local fire department and ask if they participate in the Youth Firesetter Intervention Program. These contacts can change, so contact your local department and ask about their prevention efforts.

The Youth Firesetter Intervention Program provides a simple risk assessment to help understand your family’s situation. It also provides fire safety education for the child and other family members. Everything is confidential and intended to help you keep your family safe from fire. This is not a punitive program; no information will be shared with law enforcement. The goal is to help families learn about the dangers of fire setting and provide assistance and support to families with firesetting concerns.

Most programs work with children 5 – 17 years of age. If a child is facing charges, the fire department may wait until the case is settled because attendance in an Intervention Program is often ordered as part of the deferment, parole, or sentencing.

Fire setting can be a symptom of another challenge a child is facing. If the child is at high risk of continuing their dangerous behavior with fire, you will likely be encouraged to seek the assistance of a mental health professional to address the underlying cause of their behavior. 

For Fire Departments

The Office of State Fire Marshal provides training and resource materials to initiate a Firesetter Prevention Program or assist in the assessment and education of a child. Below are the materials you will need.  Our office is also available to provide this training to your department in a 4-hour block, at no charge. If you would like to set up this training for one or several people contact:

Andrew McCormick
Public Education Specialist
Phone: 801-702-7748 or

For reports on a state and national level, or to track the data of your department’s Youth Firesetting instances, visit:

Youth Firesetter Prevention Program materials are available for departments and other providers.

Youth Firesetting Intervention Introduction2019
Parent Interview Form and Key                             &                            Youth Interview Fire and Key
Note to Parents & Workbook (kids) 2019                                           Note to Parents & Workbook (Teens)                  Juvenile Firesetter Media Kit
Matchbook Guide – National Program Overview                                                               
2019 Winter Fire School Presentations

YSFP part 1 the extent of the problem      YFSP part 2 who starts fire and why        YFSP part 3 how the interview process works         YFSP part 4 case studies & conclusion

Note: downloading and viewing these presentations does not equal participation in the Fire School Juvenile (Youth) Firesetter Prevention Class and is provided solely for review purposes. For more information, contact the Utah State Fire Marshal’s Office.