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Cigarette Fire Safety Program

The Reduced Cigarette Ignition Propensity and Firefighter Protection Act was passed in the 2007 general session of the Utah State Legislature. This bill gives the State Fire Marshal’s Office responsibility to certify that the cigarettes sold in the State of Utah, meet fire safe propensity standards as set forth by the law. These cigarettes are commonly referred to as fire safe cigarettes. Reduced ignition propensity cigarettes are designed to self extinguish if they are left unattended.

We are making great progress in reducing the number of Americans who smoke and the number of Americans who die prematurely due to tobacco use. However, the financial burden on individuals and society as a result of smoking remain immense.

During 1997 through 2001, smoking cost the US approximately $167 billion annually. This figure includes about $92 billion from loss of productivity due to premature death and $75 billion in smoking-related health care costs. Utah incurs about $273 million each year in direct medical expenses and $257 million in lost productivity.

Changes to Cigarette Labeling per the Federal Family Smoking Prevention & Tobacco Act