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About The State Fire Marshal’s Office

  • The State Fire Marshal’s Office is a division of the Utah Department of Public Safety.

  • The State Fire Marshal reports directly to the Commissioner of Public Safety.

  • Currently there are 27 personnel in the office.

The primary responsibilities of the office are:

  • Regulation, inspections, and plan reviews of new construction of hospitals, clinics, State buildings, schools, jails, prisons, and universities. Five Deputy Fire Marshals are assigned to the Fire Prevention Section which includes a Fire Protection Engineer.
  • Fire origin and cause investigation assistance is provided upon request from fire and law enforcement agencies that do not have the personnel and/or training and experience in fire investigations, as well as suspicious or unknown fire causes. The Chief Deputy Fire Marshal assists when necessary. This group
    also performs routine fire inspections of State-owned facilities and public and private schools. There are eight staff members assigned to the Investigations/Inspections Section.
  • Coordination and support of State-wide fire training through the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy (UFRA) located in Provo; with one person in the Fire Marshal’s Office assigned as contract coordinator. A person is also trained in the Youth Firesetter Intervention Program and is available for training and assistance to fire agencies.
  • Public education support for fire departments and agencies. We provide a fleet of Fire and Lifety Safety education trailers, access to online and virtual fire safety materials, handouts (fliers, posters, and other educational materials), and advice and support for departments’ public education efforts.
  • Certification, licensing, and regulation of LPG distributors and dispensing sites. Three Deputy Fire Marshals are assigned to this area. Another position is devoted to the licensing and certification of the fire extinguisher and fire suppression system industry as well as coordination of the Fire-Safe Cigarette program. They travel the entire state to accomplish their assignments.
  • The Hazardous Materials Section is responsible for providing assistance with training for awareness, operations, and technician level responders; requesting and directing HMEP grant funds; acting as liaison to LEPCs; coordinating with the SERC; and providing technical support to Haz Mat teams and response agencies.
  • The Chief Deputy Fire Marshal oversees the general operation of the office and assists the State Fire Marshal as required. He deals with budgetary issues, is involved with the Fire Prevention Board, the LPG Board, and the Utah Fire Service Standards and Training Council; as well as oversees the rules and provides staff support to each board, deals with legislative issues, is the Designated Records Officer for the office, and is a representative on several DPS committees.
  • Our office specialists answer telephone calls and complete a large variety of clerical work.  An Administrative Assistant completes assignments as required by the State Fire Marshal and supervises the office staff. Together they complete a large volume of work related to the LP Gas, Fire Extinguisher, Hood Systems, Fireworks, and Flame Effects certification processes.  In addition, Utah Fire Incident Reporting System (UFIRS) responsibilities are assigned to an Administrative Secretary.
  • The State Fire Marshal maintains close contact with the Fire Service community throughout the State. Works directly with the Fire Prevention Board and the LPG Board. Promotes Fire Prevention Education and Public Safety concepts throughout the state. Represents the Fire Service-related legislation when requested by the legislative body. Maintains the office as the lead agency in the fire service in the state and promotes the positive role of the fire service community.