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Hazardous Materials

Our normal office working hours are from 6:00a.m. to 6:00p.m. After these hours, please use the 24-hour Emergency Helpline: 801 256-2499.

Staff Contact Information: 

Hazardous Materials Hotline- (24-hour emergencies and questions):  801-256-2499

Art Deyo, Section Manager:  801-618-9277
Richard Moseley, Instructor III:  801-696-8511
Wade Francis, Instructor III:  801-834-1271
Cami Carter, Instructor III: 385-229-0512

Staff Biographies

Cami Carter was recently featured in CBRNe World Magazine: link.


Download the forms needed for the 2021 HMEP Grant here:

We are located at:
410 West 9800 South, #372
Sandy, UT 84070
PH: (801) 256-2499
FX: (801) 256-2495