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Kitchen Exhaust Duct Cleaning Systems

The Office of the State Fire Marshal has established criteria of conditions for Kitchen Exhaust System Inspectors & Cleaners (KES) who wish to perform work in the State of Utah. These conditions are in keeping with the guidelines established by the State Legislature in the Utah State Administrative Rule R-710.7. These criteria are required for automatic fire suppression systems work and include service, inspection, and cleaning of commercial cooking hoods and ventilation systems.


Kitchen exhaust system inspection and cleaning concerns are required to be licensed by the Office of the State Fire Marshal. No person or concern shall engage in the business of selling, installing, servicing, repairing, testing or modifying any kitchen exhaust system without obtaining a license from the Office of the State Fire Marshal, pursuant to these rules expressly authorizing such concern to perform such acts.


An application for a license to conduct business as a Kitchen Exhaust System service company shall be made in writing to the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

Through the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI), the applicant shall provide a criminal background check at the time of application. The application shall be accompanied with proof of public liability insurance and shall be issued by a public liability insurance carrier.

The applicant or licensee shall allow the Office of the State Fire Marshal or any authorized deputies to examine and inspect any premises, building, room or vehicle used by the applicant in the service of kitchen exhaust systems. (Equipment and tools to service are a necessary requirement to actually do business.)

An annual license fee shall be paid for the license renewal.

Service labels shall be printed and comply with requirements as established by these guidelines.


No person shall service any kitchen exhaust system without serving under a licensed kitchen exhaust system inspection and cleaning concern. No person shall service any KES without holding a certificate of registration issued by the Office of the State Fire Marshal pursuant to these rules.

To obtain a Certificate of Registration the applicant, inspector, service technician shall:

  • Complete an application for a certificate of registration to work on kitchen exhaust systems, which shall be made in writing to the SFM on forms provided by the SFM.
  • Through the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI), the applicant shall provide a written criminal background check at the time of application.
  • Examination Fee: $30.00 Annual Certificate Fee: $40.00 Total: $70.00, for each applicant.
  • Pass a written examination based on the currently adopted National Fire Protection Standard (NFPA) 96, and 17A (on 2017 edition) and the Utah Administrative Code R-710.7.

Note: To pass these examinations the applicant shall be trained by experienced, trained, qualified and certified persons and shall have reasonable knowledge of R-710.7 and NFPA standards before the examination is administered to them.

This examination is administered by appointment on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at the Office of the State Fire Marshal. Various field locations throughout the State may be identified within these guidelines.

Examination questions are protected and are administered in open book format by a security proctor.

A minimum grade of 70% must be obtained on each portion of the examination to pass.

The examination series may include an actual demonstration. A pass/fail practical examination may be administered after passing the written examination.

Documentation of work experience in the inspection and cleaning industry or proof of attendance of a recognized and approved training school is acceptable and appreciated.

Applicants, who apply for a certificate of registration, shall be familiar with the guidelines for reporting deficiencies found, posting of service labels, and other administrative requirements.

Advisory – To all kitchen exhaust system service, inspectors, cleaners and technicians

  • Be advised that all commercial hood and ventilation cleaning companies/contractors performing work in the State of Utah are required by law to issue a “Completion and Deficiency Report” to the establishment owner after the inspection and/or cleaning is completed. (NFPA
  •  When the system does not comply with NFPA 96 standards or is found to be in an unsafe condition; is inaccessible with areas not cleaned or mandated repairs are needed, the system shall receive a non-compliance (RED) tag. (R710.
  • All deficiency reports and/or reasoning for applying the red-tag, must be given to the establishment owner or their responsible party with an explanation and a copy of the report with red-tag information, forwarded to the local fire department, fire marshal or authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), (NFPA, within five (5) days after date of service.
  • Once work has been completed to clear the deficiency, by repair, cleaning, service, the RED tag may be removed from the system and a “Completion Report” given to the owner or responsible party with an explanation of how the deficiency was cleared. A copy of the completion report must then be sent to the authority having jurisdiction. The AHJ may require a follow up inspection of the facility.



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