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Trailer Requests

Our trailers are ready to be used, but are in limited supply around the state.

  • Trailer requests are being handled on a case by case basis. Please schedule your trailer far in advance.
  • A plug in option is required to run power.
  • Please give us a call to assess if we can meet your needs.

Use this form to request a trailer for your department:


Life Safety House Trailers

The LSH trailers are available state-wide and are available to all Utah fire departments. Specific to our funding and the purpose of this office, these trailers support the prevention educational efforts of fire departments in Utah. Unfortunately the trailers cannot leave the state and cannot be lent to other entities.

  • Requests must be made at least one month in advance of your event and not more than one year in advance.
  • Cancellations should be at least two days in advance.
  • Staffing and education inside the trailer is the responsibility of the Fire Department who is requesting the trailer. Trailers should only be transported by qualified trailer drivers within the requesting department.
  • All requests for trailers must be made by fire service personnel.  

The Life Safety House is a great tool for teaching many fire and life safety topics. There are 6 trailers available throughout Utah. Each Life Safety House is equipped to teach:

  • Fire escape from a child’s bedroom with the use of smoke, smoke alarms, and a heated door
  • Kitchen fire prevention and safety with the use of a stove, pan, toaster, sink, microwave, and fire extinguisher
  • Injury prevention: including burns, poison, drowning, firearm safety, seat belt use, and helmet use
  • Fireplace safety
  • Match and lighter safety

A minimum of three (3) fire service members is suggested and a maximum of eight (8) students in each room is recommended. Houses are approximately 30 feet in length and need a nearby power source.

Caution must be used when young children or those with asthma are watching a demonstration using the non-toxic smoke and realistic smoke alarms.

It is the fire department’s responsibility to deep clean and repair any damage caused to the trailers while under their use.

Sparky the Fire Dog Suit

Our office is pleased to announce a new addition to our loaner program: Sparky the Fire Dog. The new Sparky Costume is available to rent from our office. Keep in mind that Sparky is a licensed material and your fire department must adhere to specific legal rules when using the costume. You can read about it here. LINK

Sparky may only be used by Utah Fire Personnel. A handler must always be present with Sparky (its hard to see and Sparky isn’t allowed to speak). We recommend each user only stay in the costume for 20-30 minutes, especially in the summer. It gets hot in there. With that in mind, your department will be billed for any cleaning/dry cleaning/ or repairs if the costume is not returned in the same condition it was lent out as.

To borrow the Sparky Suit, use the Trailer Request form above. 

Earthquake Trailer 

The trailer can accommodate 8 people at a time and the presentations inside can be catered to the population present in the trailer. Only State Fire Marshal representatives are allowed to transport and present the Earthquake Trailer.

  • Requests should be made at least one month in advance of your event and not more than one year in advance. 
  • Cancellations should be at least two days in advance.
  • At least two Fire Marshal representatives are required to present the trailer. Bookings depend on trailer AND staff availability.

A digital copy of the presentation is available here:

You can watch our presention on Earthquake Safety inside the Simulation Trailer on YouTube. Click the link above for more information.