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Certification Council Members – May 2023

The governing body for the firefighter certification system in the state of Utah is the Utah Fire Service Certification Council (UFSCC). The twelve-member council is selected from the Fire Service of Utah and appointed by the director of the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy for a three-year term. The Council shall consist of members representing both paid and volunteer departments or agencies, members with special expertise areas, and members from various geographical locations in the state.

The purpose of the Utah Fire Service Certification Council is to:

  • Establish uniform minimum standards for firefighter certification.
  • Ensure quality and uniformity in the certification system.
  • Make all testing and certifying services available to all firefighters or participants without regard to race, creed, or ethnic origin.
  • Establish written and manipulative skill examination procedures to determine whether a firefighter or participant meets the minimum standards as set forth by the Council.
  • Certify Firefighters or Participants.
  • Review appeals.
  • Revoke, suspend, annul, or deny certification.
  • Issue certificates to firefighters or participants who present evidence that the minimum Utah standards established by the Council have been met.

The Utah Fire Service Certification Council meets every other month at various locations throughout the state. All Council meetings begin at 10:00 a.m. and are open to the public. If you would like to be on the agenda please contact the Certification Program Manager 30 days in advance and request to be on the agenda. (Meetings are subject to change.)